Deep AI Planning

Deep AI Planning is an AI driven demand-supply planning solution that allows companies to integrate and automate tactical planning activities.

It leverages predictive AI and mathematical optimization to help planners crunch huge amounts of data, examine complex scenarios, and evaluate risk and identify robust tactical plans for all areas of the supply chain use.

Tactical Planning:

  • Enables coordinating multiple components such as inventory levels, production schedules, and distribution routes, each with their own uncertainties and dependencies
  • Balances conflicting objectives like minimizing costs and maximizing service levels, under dynamic market demands and supply fluctuations
  • Integrates and analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources, including suppliers, manufacturers, and customers, to make informed, time-sensitive decisions

Advanced Mathematical Modeling:

  • Predictive analytics allow anticipation of demand and supply trends with high accuracy, allowing for proactive adjustments in procurement, manufacturing, and distribution plans
  • Mathematical optimization efficiently allocates resources in a supply chain, simultaneously ensuring optimal inventory levels and minimizing costs related to transportation, storage, and production.
  • Flexible and proactive planning allows the system to evaluate risk and identify robust solutions.The system can model various supply chain conditions, such as peak seasons or market changes and uncertainties, like disruptions or demand spikes. It can rapidly recalculate the entire plan instantly with any change in settings or data points, providing immediate results across the supply chain

User-Centric Software Application:

  • Intuitive user interface designed for ease of use, allowing users from various departments to interact with the system without needing in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Collaborative functionality allows different teams to work together on the same tasks, enabling shared insights and unified outcomes.
  • Comprehensive reporting provides detailed insights into operational efficiency, helping in decision-making

Deep AI Planning stands at the forefront of revolutionizing strategic decision-making through its meticulous approach to detailed capacity planning and constrained optimization. This cutting-edge system can help manufacturers navigate through the intricacies of capacity planning, considering every facet of production, from machinery capabilities to workforce dynamics use.

Constrained optimization takes center stage, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to maximize output while adhering to various constraints, resulting in high- quality manufacturing processes. Deep AI Planning helps in minimizing bottlenecks and enhancing resource utilization and paves the way for streamlined operations and improved production quality.

In the distribution and inventory planning Area, Deep AI Planning continues to shine. It employs advanced algorithms to analyze data from diverse sources, enabling businesses to predict demand, optimize distribution routes, and manage inventory levels effectively. This holistic approach ensures that products are available when needed, reducing overstock or stockouts, and contributing to a seamless supply chain.

Moreover, the system's adaptability and learning capabilities allow it to evolve with changing market dynamics, making it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking agility and resilience. In essence, Deep AI Planning redefines the landscape of manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management, propelling businesses toward greater efficiency, quality, and competitiveness in today's dynamic markets.