Holistic, Exhaustive Evaluation using Optimization

A rigorous operational + financial evaluation of all options to design the best supply chain to take the company into the future

Exploring all possible options

  • Geographic and demographic shifts in production and consumption
  • Changes in costs of production, transportation, raw material inputs, taxes, etc.

From local to global optimization

  • Bring all variables to single mathematical platform - SIMULTANEOUSLY considers Purchase costs, Transportation costs, Manufacturing / assembly costs, Distribution costs, Inventory Costs, Service Levels
  • Detailed modeling of capacities, capex, and opex costs of existing and proposed resources/facilities/links
  • Mathematical optimization to reveal tradeoffs across the processes, their costs and service level implications

Comprehensive analysis

  • Unlike spreadsheet models, these models are linked, end-to-end supply chain models. This facilitates comprehensive operational AND financial analysis of alternatives
  • Large number of scenarios can be analyzed, which assists in deeper understanding and greater confidence in the final decisions

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