Automatic, data driven insights in real time

Empower your organization to connect, analyze, and share supply chain insights faster by automating all aspects of mining insights from data.

Real time, modern data integration with automatic monitoring

  • Modern data integration using file uploads / API integration
  • Integrate your ecommerce data on Amazon, Shopify etc.
  • Integrate your cloud as well as on-premise software applications
  • Pre-built integrations to 100+ data sources

Supply chain data analytics on the cloud

  • Data lake to hold large volumes of data on the cheap
  • Generate analytical data reports in real-time, regardless of size of data
  • Perform extremely complex data and analytical computations across order, shipment, inventory, product, and customer data where other BI tools fail

Fully managed service

  • We take care of all technical work – integration, data cleansing, and building analytic artefacts
  • Highly economical, no large upfront investments
  • Overcome talent and resource constraints

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