Complete visibility with automated check-ins and alerts

Shared visibility and proactive alerts based supply chain data and task status, to drive timely corective actions, smooth interractions, and end-to-end insights.

Real time, modern data integration with automatic monitoring

  • Easily exchange information with partners both when they are IT savvy and when they are not - using web-form entry, file uploads, or API integration
  • Always get alerted when internal and external data issues begin to crop up, so that you can tackle these in time and proactively

Data & access harmonization

  • All information is pinned properly to master data, and that you and your partners speak the same language when referring to parts, locations, etc.
  • You are in full control of what information gets shared and with whom

Web-based collaborative execution

  • Allows seamless cross-location and cross enterprise collaboration
  • Reminds people periodically to update information and take actions, while keeping other collaborators in the loop

Live Performance Reporting

  • See live reports of data as it flows through your system
  • All partners use the same data, dashboards, and performance measures thereby using a common language

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