Alo (Major European Manufacturer of Light Industrial Equipment)

Alo is a major agriculture machinery supplier based out of Sweden. Alo wanted to rationalize their distribution network across Europe without impacting their service levels. The reason for realignment of their distribution network were to reduce the operating costs & inventory.

Key Benefits:

  • Detailed picture of cost and service level impact by country and customer developed for each scenario
  • 45+ different supply chain scenarios were analysed to find the optimal solution
  • The number of European distribution centers was consolidated from 9 to 2, thus reducing operating expenditure
  • Approx. 45% reduction in inventory levels
  • Reduction in annual supply chain costs of ~10-11%

Koppers (Major US Chemical Manufacturer)

Koppers is a global producer of chemicals, carbon compounds, and treated wood products. It is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has a global manufacturing and distribution network across continents. Koppers wanted to right size their supply chain network, deployment of assets and resources in the supply chain, and the selection of various manufacturing, distribution processes and transportation modes in the supply chain.

Key Benefits:

  • 10% reduction in operating cost
  • 15% reduction in capital assets
  • Model validation for costs & service levels
  • Comparative analysis of alternate supply chain configurations
  • Recommendations on facility location and capacity, and on transportation lane and modes

Jubilant Foodworks (Domino’s pizza)

Jubilant Foodworks is the leading Quick Service Restaurant in India operating close to 1000 stores in India for Dominos Pizza. Jubilant Foodworks wanted to realign their distribution centre’s/manufacturing facility in order to incorporate their future growth plans without affecting their service levels. Network Optimization was used to find optimal location and size of the distribution centre/manufacturing facility taking into account financials, operating cost, inventories and service levels.

Key Benefits:

  • Identified right location for future distribution centres and size
  • 15% Reduction in inventory
  • 5% improvement in service levels
  • Reduction in capex and operating costs
  • Streamlined size for existing facility (distribution centre/manufacturing facility)