Mamaearth, a personal and baby care brand that came into existence in the year 2006. It focused on catering young parents who were looking for natural baby care products. Mamaearth became Asia’s 1st Brand with Made Safe™ Certified products. With such promising growth Mamaearth needed a tool to help in planning and catering to the increasing sales. We developed a DRP tool that runs on Python to help in planning for TPM and distribution centers.

Key benefits:

  • All plans created are connected, and flow directly from the end customer demand/forecast
  • No scope for disconnected plans or human errors
  • Calculates multiple scenarios in minutes
  • Get advance notice to impending supply availability issues at TPMs
  • Calculate net inventory across the supply chain and understand working capital tied up
  • All computations are done rigorously at a granular location-SKU level, with no scope for errors as happens with Excel formulas and lookups
  • Exception reports allow you to identify potential problems quickly
  • Plans can be quickly rolled-up and reviewed at any product/geography level


Epigamia entered the dairy market of India with a very niche product- yoghurt. India’s first Greek Yoghurt brand has gained popularity among the Indian urbanites. To make things easier, we have developed an Integrated Business Planning Tool. The tool is designed to regularly align plans between sales and supply sides of the business so that all parties are in sync with each other and can plan around key constraints.

Key benefits:

  • Decision-making process that realigns the tactical plans for all business functions in all geographies to support the company's strategies, business goals, and targets.
  • Helps reach consensus on a single operating plan to which executives of the management team hold themselves accountable and allocate the critical resources of people, equipment, materials, time, and money to most effectively satisfy customers in a profitable way.
  • Identify bottlenecks to avoid hampering of future growth plans


Safedecor is into manufacturing decorative laminates and is one of the leading domestic players. With growth in their business the challenges have increased and their focus is on automation and less people dependence. We have helped them in their automation journey with many systems like ERP, Automated Production Planning, Distributor Collaboration, Safedecor Insights (AI powered BI) system.

Key benefits:

  • Distributor Analytics wrt Sales, Targets, Performance, Service levels
  • Increase in service levels by 15%
  • Inventory reduction by more than 60%
  • Reduction in dead stock by 80%
  • Reduction in wastages by 5%
  • Minimal manual interference in planning and avoiding the use of multiple excel sheets
  • Reduction in manpower cost by 25%
  • Distributor reduction in dead stock and optimization of their inventory
  • Automated reports which are AI powered that helps management in taking decisions