Use AI to tune, measure, and improve forecasts continuously

Smart algorithms look at every aspect of forcasting from data quality to forecast improvement, while keeping the forecast analyst at the front and centre

Align demand planning to business and supply chain priorities

  • Understand sales and marketing sub-processes that feed into demand planning
  • Understand the supply chain manufacturing and distribution strategies
  • Understand product lifecycle management strategy
  • Segment forecasting items using the above context and formulate strategy

Algorithms to automate data and modeling work at scale

  • Analyze master data and hierarchical relationships
  • Analyze and treat transactional data for hierarchical violations, holes, outliers, events, etc.
  • Self-tuning, adaptive AI algorithms

Smart workflow and resource focus

  • Focus human effort and deep computing resources based on business importance
  • Manage by smart exceptions
  • Guide planner to identify what is leading to lowering of forecast quality

Balanced approach to measurement

  • Consistent, high quality measurement of accuracy, forecastability and forecast value add
  • Simplified, rapid analysis of evolution of measures over time to detect trends
  • Measurements at detailed as well as summary levels

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