Bespoke transportation optimization

Use advanced technology to considerably reduce transportation costs and improve service levels, and take your organization to the next level

Baselining current operations

  • Accurate, data driven understanding of current transportation
  • Understanding customer demand and service expectations and performance
  • Unified operational-financial model of current transportation operations
  • Rate, distance and case/pallet analysis to understand performance and deviations

Simulation - Optimization

  • GIS supported transportation network optimization models that facilitates comprehensive operational AND financial analysis of alternatives
  • Detailed modeling of pick/drop, time windows, lane capacity constraints
  • Simulate numerous demand and routing scenarios

Comprehensive Analysis

  • Explore optimal routing strategies that simultaneously optimize for asset and lane efficiencies using detailed asset and rate table information, such as
    • Mode shifts
    • Consolidation strategies
    • Private / dedicated / contracted fleet
    • Demand what-ifs for new customers, seasonality, etc.
  • Detailed reporting of operational efficiencies by scenario/strategy including asset and container utilization and mileage efficiencies

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