About Us

We are an Analytics consulting firm focused on solving key business problems, through applications of Data Science, Idealized Design, and Technology.


Our mission is to help our clients make substantial, sustainable improvements in their business through better decision making.

Why Us

Mature Approach to Business Improvement Efforts

  • We focus on business improvements and benefits, and ROI. We are numbers driven.
  • We believe that every engagement is unique, and requires a tailored solution.
  • We emphasize organizational learning and self-sufficiency that are vital to your success.

Analytics and Technology

  • We have experience in a wide set of analytical tools and technologies, from simple to sophisticated solutions.
  • We have the experience of deploying smart tools and technologies, including multiple full-lifecycle experiences with various decision support technologies.


  • Every consulting engagement is preceded by a formal business assessment.
  • Our engagement model supports you to the last mile, to ensure course correction and benefits realization.

The Team

Ananth specializes in applying analytical techniques based on mathematical optimization, machine learning, discrete event simulation, and time series analysis, to real world business problems across various industry sectors. He has managed several business consulting, analytical solution development, and technology implementation projects over the last 18 years.

Ananth Krishnamoorthy


Tarit has experience in various areas related to supply chain performance management. In the past, he has deployed Business Intelligence solutions to transform enterprise performance management and planning across multiple functional silos. His skills include detailed functional design, development, and testing of BI and Planning technologies. He is well versed with multiple

Tarit Jain

Jai Shankar has more than 35 years experience in consulting, training, and marketing across Hitech, Government, Defence, HealthCare, and Manufacturing sectors. He is the exclusive distributor for ProModel Simulation Software in India since 2001. He has assisted clients with simulation consulting and training for Airports, Manufacturing companies, E-Commerce Industries, Steel Plants, FMCG companies etc.

S.R. Jai Shankar

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